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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

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How to Access Facebook Data.. .

Accessing Your Facebook Data

Where can I find my Facebook data?

Your Facebook Account: Most of your data is available to you simply by logging into your account. For example, your Timeline contains posts you have shared on Facebook, along with comments and other interactions from people. Additionally, you can find your message and chat conversations by going to your inbox, or photos and videos you have added or been tagged in by going to those sections of your Timeline.
Activity Log: Within your account, your activity log is a history of your activity on Facebook, from posts you have commented on or liked, to apps you have used, to anything you have searched for. Learn more.
Download Your Info: This includes a lot of the same information available to you in your account and activity log, including your Timeline info, posts you have shared, messages, photos and more. Additionally, it includes information that is not available simply by logging into your account, like the ads you have clicked on, data like the IP addresses that are logged when you log into or out of Facebook, and more. To download your information, go to your Settings and click Download a copy of your Facebook data. Learn more.
What categories of my Facebook data are available to me?

These are the categories of Facebook data that are available to you either in your activity log or your downloaded data, or in both places. We have provided a short explanation of what each data category is and where you can find it. We store different categories of data for different time periods, so you may not find all of your data since you joined Facebook. You will not find information or content that you have deleted because this is deleted from Facebook servers.

Remember, most of your Facebook data is available to you simply by logging into your account (ex: all of your messages and chats are available in your inbox.) Also note that the categories of data that we receive, collect, and save may change over time. When this happens, this list will be updated.


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